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Over hundreds of years, Shimoda has witnessed many changes ? Shimoda itself has changed from a small fishing port to a tourist resort; the means of transport has changed from gaccess by waterwayh to gaccess by land,h and today Shimoda attracts tourists not only for its perfect sunbathing beaches but also as a major center of marine sports.
Yet, some things never change. Shimoda retains a feel of the Old Japan in its Downtown areas and still has its beautiful natural coastline that stretches over dozens of kilometers just as it did thousands of years ago. Shimoda also offers a variety of fresh and wholesome marine products, and relaxing places like natural hotsprings are always at your service.

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While it may lack the bustling dynamism of Tokyo, you will find yourself relaxed and refreshed during your stay in this small and quiet town of Shimoda.

The first written record of Shimoda appears in an inscription on a gift offering to Shimoda Hachiman Shrine dating back to 1399. During most of its past, Shimoda was a lazy little fishing town. It did have a castle, which was unfortunately sacked during the civil war that gripped the country in the late 17th century.
The Tokugawa Clan emerged victorious in 1615 and maritime transport to and from the capital Edo (todayfs Tokyo) increased. Shimoda served as the Shogunfs Ship Inspection Post from 1616-1721 and prospered as large commercial ships anchored at its port, merchants peddled their fare and geisha entertained sailors. Then the Post was moved closer to Edo, and Shimoda gradually slipped back to a lazy little fishing town again.
Shimoda returned to the spotlight in 1854, when it became the first Japanese port opened to foreign ships, ending the Closed Door policy that had lasted nearly two hundred years. Commodore Matthew C. Perry of the U.S. East India Squadron landed in Shimoda, as did Admiral Evfimii Vasil'evich Putyatin of the Imperial Russian Navy.
It was here in Shimoda that Japan signed important treaties with America and Russia, the first U.S. Consulate was set up, and first encounters between ordinary Japanese and foreigners took place. Shimoda was part of history at the dawn of Japanfs modernization.
Shimoda is also a place that retains something of the air of a small port town of Old Japan. We hope you enjoy wandering along the streets of Downtown Shimoda, basking in the sun on its wonderful beaches or discovering its picturesque coastline.
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Welcome to Guided Tour of Shimoda
Shimoda offers a variety of attractions for visitors. Many historic sites and spots with a nostalgic old Japan atmosphere can be found in the Downtown area. You can also enjoy a stroll along the beautiful coastline that stretches from Simoda Bay.

As members of the Shimoda International Club(SIC), we are more than happy to be of any help to visitors from foreign countries. Our Guided Tour can range from about an hour to three hours, depending on your request. You will find many interesting stories you wonft find in the guidebooks in layers of history hidden in the backstreets of Old Town Shimoda. Please contact us today for a tour of discovery.

Tour Area : Downtown area of Shimoda City
Points of interest include: historic sites from the time when Shimoda became Japanfs first Open Port in 1854 and ended the Shogunfs Closed Door policy; traditional stone-built buildings with distinct crisscrossing walls; history museums; panoramic view of the town and ocean from Shimoda park; numerous temples and shrines; and many more!

Cost : \200 per person
SIC is a non-profit group based on the voluntary spirit of its members.
We ask that visitors kindly pay this amount at the end of the tour to help us cover the cost of our activities.

Dates : Weekends and Holidays
Please contact us for weekday tour. Please note that due to the nature of our Group(most of us are ordinary citizens with ordinary jobs), we may not always be available to comply.

Languages:Guided Tours in English, Spanish and German
languages are currently available.


Notes :
1. If you wish to visit locations that require admission and other fees(museums,estaurants, etc.) or distant locations that require transportation outside the
Downtown area, please be prepared to pay the expenses for yourself and the guide.
2. To request a Guided Tour, please use the Request Form attached hereinafter.
We will contact you to confirm your tour and the guide. Please submit your request at least 14days before your arrival so that we could make the necessary arrange-ments.
3. In case you need to cancel, we would greatly appreciate your notifying us as soon as possible.
4. SIC and its individual members shall not take responsibility for any accidents, loss of personal belongings or other unforseen incidents during the course of the Guided Tour.
5. SIC shall keep and maintain confidential personal information on the guests for the Guided Tours by SIC members and shall not disclose such information to any third party without prior consent of the guests.
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